Dare to say the 'C' word…?

It may only be September, with children only just returning back to school for the Autumn Term, and the evasive sun returning to visit us once more, but in the world of graphic design we are already submersing ourselves in all things festive! (Besides, how many of you mentioned the 'C' word to give your children something to look forward to if they were dreading their first day back?)

Now is the ideal time to think about your Personalised Cards, Menus, Promotional Flyers etc. because you can be sure that your competitors are (we have already completed one of each for two of our clients).

So why are companies doing them already? Several reasons:


• They know customers are already planning work parties; where to spend the big day; who to go out with New Year's Eve; who wants to cook on Boxing Day; so are tempting them with exciting events, scrumptious menus and local locations to encourage early bookings and deposits!!!


• Sending them out immediately - generates interest in your products now whilst awaiting upcoming December offers (when you can always send a follow up as a reminder), or to give you plenty of time to tweak the offers and the design until you are satisfied you have the best 'present' for your customers.


• Why not have a personalised card, made up just for your company. It can be a simple festive card, or it can be a full-on self promotion card, after all, we all want to pass on our best wishes at this time of year, but it is also a chance to remind people that we exist and the products and services we offer!! Starting on them now gives you time to plan your message, perfect your design, after all, everyone has their own favourites; funny, sentimental, cute, festive.

Other benefits of starting work on them now, are that you get the designer's best ideas that have been brewing all year :) and you beat the queue at the printers! One job ticked off that ever growing festive To Do List.

The 'C' word -  we haven't mentioned it, but you still know what we are talking about right?!  And if you aren't convinced yet, why not give us a call on 01283 821101 and we can show you some of our ideas?

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