File sharing service has colourful new future planned

Dropbox, the file sharing service has planned itself a colourful new future with its first revamp in 10 years to show that their website isn't just a place to store your files.

Dropbox is a useful service for designers who have particulary large files and images to share with clients and printers - no more putting files onto a disk and posting…!

Of course they are only one of many companies offering this service, hence their new approach.

They want us to see them as a 'living workspace that brings teams and ideas together'.

Contrasting imagery and colours have been paired up and placed next to each other to demonstrate the idea of creative collaboration.

Furthermore, the 3D box image of the logo has been replaced with five diamonds placed together to ressemble what we can only describe as a flatpack of a box!

For those of you that are interested in the font used, it is called Sharp Grotesk.

You can expect to see it rolled out over the next few weeks - and if you have used the service today, you probably know all of what we've just told you!

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