How graphic design can help show a voucher is a scam

Aldi have reported that the recent £250 voucher giveaway circulating on social media is nothing to do with their supermarket. It's a scam to obtain your personal information that will then be used further.

Graphic designers take pride in their work and their material goes through many checks both in-house and by their clients before being sent out to the public, and mistakes don't generally get through.

Therefore, when you receive an offer that seems to good to be true, there are a few things you can check first, after all, can you imagine Aldi being able to giveaway £250 to every customer?

Companies have brand guidelines and although an email may look like the company colours or layout or even include the logo, they are unlikely to follow it precisely. Look out for spelling and punctuation mistakes, or graphic design or image quality flaw. The quality of the logo and images used will not be suitable and may even be outdated. Also, if it starts with a general 'Dear Customer' rather than your name it is more likely to be spam.

Check a company's offical page or Facebook account to see if the offer is genuine. For this we also don't mean the Facebook page just for this offer. How many times have you seen 'Company X product giveaway' as an actual Facebook page? Companies don't set up giveaway pages, they only giveaway on their official pages. 

Unfortunately, if something seems to good to be true, then it probably is.

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