Planning, planning, planning though we also work last minute!

In our industry, you rarely get the luxury of preparing something that isn't required for another 4 years, but whilst we are all thinking ahead to 2018, the logo for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has been unveiled. (See our previous blog!)

OK, we know the logo is needed now to get everything underway, but you can never underestimate the requirement for planning.

Whether it be a Christmas card designed in the summer or a summer holiday advert designed in the wintery New Year, in the graphic design world you can not always predict what job you will be asked to do next.

It's always good to be organised and plan in advance, but we also pride ourselves on meeting deadlines, however short they may be. So whilst we like doing things weeks or months in advance we appreciate that real life isn't always like that, so more often than not we also do things 'the day before'!!

So if you think you've left it too late, then why not give us a call, because maybe we can help and sleep is overated right?

Planning is one of the most important project management and time management techniques. Planning is preparing a sequence of action steps to achieve some specific goal. If you do it effectively, you can reduce the necessary time and effort of achieving the goal. A plan is like a map.

Map courtesy of Google Maps.

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